Energy Update - Reunions

Today I want to talk about reunions. On Earth, reunions are particularly sweet, since our path here can be so winding. We know who we are as children, but little by little we lose that along the way. Yet, in most cases we come back to it, triggered by something - a person, a place, a situation? The heroic stories of this kind of growth through spirals proliferate. Yet each time they seem just as heroic! Or maybe that’s just me…I love hearing stories of people re-finding themselves. The more lost we get the better.

But maybe this narrative is ending? Maybe Earth is supporting something less dense and heavy this time around. Are we free from it yet? No. I’d say we are not.  There is still a narrative centered in the world that work is hard, money is hard, relationships are hard. Those of us who are aware and moving toward something that we feel deep inside of us, despite external obstacles and naysayers, are the pioneers. We’ve had the seed planted in us and we have to pursue it. This in itself feels hard, but it’s getting easier. It’s always terrifying to break out of your jail cell because well - it had gotten so damn comfy in there, and out here it smells weird and I don’t know where to go! But we broke out anyway! Because that small place, as safe as it was, had become impossible to handle. You’re out here for a reason. Doubts don’t actually change the path.

On the eve of this Libra full moon, don’t go back in. This is where you really belong, you’re simply reuniting with it. Give yourself time to acclimate. Rest. Feel. When you finally have the energy to begin to explore your new expansive landscape, don’t worry about figuring it all out at once. 

What you’re doing - do it for joy. You don’t have to invent joy, that would be really hard! Reunite with joy. You were born from joy and you will go back to joy. Do it because you want to. Do it because it feels good, and allow it to feel good. What is meant to be can’t be avoided, but there are many paths to get there. See if you can let the anxieties and “should” go…the joyous path, when you are able to choose it, will get you there anyway.