Energy Update - Deep roots

Over the last 5 days a massive influx of new energy has come into the planet. The entire year has been a big push toward an upgraded experience on earth, with very few respites. For many of us this can come in the form of crying purges, frustration, feelings of hopelessness and roaming anxiety. If it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under you, that is because it has. These massive upgrades literally wash away the old energetic landscape, replacing it with something new. It takes our bodies and energy centers time to adjust. Anything that is not in harmony with the upgrade will find a way to come out of you and move on, hence the uncomfortable feelings seeping to the surface. Be patient with yourself and others as you navigate this new territory. 

Ahh, patience. Every multidimensional being’s favorite word, right? Lately, these new upgrades have come with a comforting message of the importance of patience. Deeply intertwined with patience are the deep desires of the heart. Take a moment and feel those within you. As we bring in these deep visions that are an intrinsic part of us, so much of what we are doing is new. There are no heroes, role models or roadmaps to worship or follow. You might feel like a misfit. You might feel delusional. You might feel lost. Don’t fret- this is just part of being a human tasked with bringing through something new. I was told that in order to succeed, the New needs to grow very deep, strong energetic roots. This doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a lot of faith in the unseen and often a winding road of training that doesn’t make complete sense. However, the reward is that what you will receive in the end will be better than what you yourself ever could have imagined.

So, let the roots grow. In the tough movements when you recognize nothing around you, focus on faith. Faith asks nothing of our circumstances, and exists unconditionally. If you are here to do something new you are strong, you are resilient, you are necessary. Here is some light language to give you strength as you create something that has never existed before.