I offer both tarot readings, and a new kind of reading I developed called a Light Language Reading/Activation.


About Light Language

Light language is a form of communication that speaks directly to the heart - no previous knowledge or mental understanding of the language is necessary. Since light itself is a form of vibration, messages that are carried through light are working on a different level than human language; they touch you on a deeper level. Light language can come in spoken and written forms, and can carry codes for ascension, activations, and healing. To benefit from light language, take a deep breath and feel into your heart and body. A “translation” may come to your mind, but whether or not you have an understanding of the code or symbol doesn’t change the way it affects you.

Here are some healing light language codes…feel into the sensations they produce for you:

Custom Light Language Readings/Activations

When I do a Light Language reading, I tune into your energy body and draw it as a series of light language codes. Every session is a little bit different depending on your specific needs. As I work with your energy body, I can determine blocks and do some energetic healing on you as I work.

I also write up a description of what i saw and some recommendations for you moving forward on how to heal your blocks.

A custom code and reading is $45.00. I send you a .pdf file as well as an .svg image if you’d like the option of printing it.

If you would like a custom light language activation or healing code, please visit my store, Minimalist Oracle. If there is an option you would like which you are not seeing, send me a message through instagram or to

Some testimonials:

“I have wanted to share that during the activation, I saw symbols. It was magical. I was definitely connected to your energy.”


"I’ll write more later but just a quick note to say THANK YOU. What you intuited/explained really resonated and touched me. You were born to do this work.”